A Partnership Of Professional Passion

Written by: Audrey Glover
06 October 2016

Peripheral Vision And Barco – A Partnership Of Professional Passion


It should come as no surprise that at Peripheral Vision we are in love with technological gadgetry.

We’ve built our livelihoods around it because of the passion we have for the audio visual industry. We’ve risen to become the cream of the crop in South African AV distribution because that passion has driven us every step of the way.


With that same characteristic passion and drive we have pursued partnerships with the leading producers of advanced audio visual equipment. We want to work with those who share our obsession, and if you want to find the people who are the most passionate about their industry, you should always look to those who excel at the top.


It’s not easy to come up with a better example of a brand with a strong history at the top of the AV industry we love so much than Barco.


So, it was with enormous pride that, at the beginning of 2016, we signed a distributor agreement [LINK:] with this AV powerhouse.

This collaboration of local and international expertise will, without doubt, benefit both our brand and the markets we serve. What more could we ask for?


Getting To Know Each Other


In June, in the wake of that deal, Barco and Peripheral Vision jointly hosted their first Open House Event at the PV offices in Johannesburg, Kyalami.


This was the opportunity, not only to cement a partnership that had already proven itself mutually-lucrative for several months, but to showcase and give guests the inside exclusive scoop on some of the Barco line of high-end, cutting-edge products (including an impressive hands-on demonstration of their control room technology).


From corporate AV experiences to clickshare control room systems and their operator management systems, this full range of Barco’s impressive products were at centre stage for our dealers to take in, peruse and, quite frankly, to get excited about getting their hands on.


What Barco Brings To Peripheral Vision


Beyond the exceptional opportunity of working with a global leader in the field we’re so passionate about, the Barco distributor deal further secures Peripheral Vision’s position as the top-shelf South African supplier of the best AV solutions, and strengthens our already extensive offering of control, presentation and display systems.


With this leading brand’s state-of-the-art projectors, LCD/LED visual displays, conferencing equipment, and control system software added to the Peripheral Vision offering, there is a lot for our market – both dealers and end users – to be excited about.


Contact Peripheral Vision today to learn more about our offering of Barco’s quality product line.

If you are interested in adding Barco’s products to your existing AV product offering, register as a dealer with Peripheral Vision today.


Peripheral Vision – Digital. Communication. Optimised.

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