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Barco Control Rooms

Control room solutions for optimal decision-making

Barco's video walls are the most visible components of a control room, but it's the Barco CTRL software that ties the complete system together. Ranging from management and distribution software to operator workspace positions, Barco has the needed building blocks in their portfolio to optimise your workflows and efficiency within your control room.

Select your market

Comprehensive control room solutions for

Energy and Utilities | Transportation | Manufacturing

Government | Corporations and Finance | Healthcare

Cross-industry applications

Network operations centre | Security operations centre | Crisis room

Content distribution

Monitor your content exactly when and where you need it. Share information securely across your organization, from control room to breakout room, and collaborate for the most efficient incident response.

Optimal visualisation

Make critical decisions based on images that remain accurate and truthful all day. Barco’s reliable LCD, rear-projection and LED video walls help you improve the uptime of your operations for many years on end. 

Swift resolution

Offer your operator workforce a situational overview using a personal workspace that reduces stress levels, increases productivity and supports faster critical decision making. 

Barco CTRL software

Barco CTRL is an innovative, scalable software platform for control rooms that simplifies workflows, deployment and serviceability. Designed to uphold the highest levels of cybersecurity, Barco CTRL allows users to securely connect to their sources from any location, and interact with the content on any video wall or operator desk.

Barco Control Room Screens

If you value simplicity

Although the system is very powerful, it is also simple to set up with a wizard guiding the installer through the configuration process. A single platform that serves both the video wall and operator desk. Barco CTRL extends the same intuitive look and feel over the complete control room and beyond.

Grows with your needs

Barco CTRL is fully scalable and grows with your needs. This means that by simply adding additional encoders and decoders, the solution can start small and potentially expand to a global system. Barco CTRL also takes all possible measures to prevent downtime, including redundancy options of critical components.

Security by design

Strictly following 'Security by Design' principles, the platform combines strict cybersecurity with intuitive use. Conceived with the best practices in mind, Barco CTRL is a full-featured solution that can be deployed in the most secure critical environments.

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