4 Benefits Of An AV-Powered Classroom

Written by: Audrey Glover
10 October 2016

4 Benefits Of An AV-Powered Classroom


Schools and universities around the globe have started to learn how they stand to benefit greatly from the interactive environment created by audio visual systems and solutions.


This is no great revelation – visual aids have been used to facilitate learning since time immemorial. Where hand-drawn illustrations were used to help learners grasp concepts in the seventeenth century, high-definition digital projectors are often used to fill a similar role in classrooms and lecture halls today.


As technology advances, though, so to do the uses to which it can be put.

It’s no secret that graphic aids make abstract and hard-to-understand concepts more tangible for learners and facilitate greater retention of information, but today’s state-of-the-art visual display systems are far more than just high-tech picture books.


Familiarity With Audio Visual Equipment


An indirect benefit of utilising technological solutions to confront classroom realities is that students will gain a level of familiarity with that equipment that they might otherwise not have had the opportunity to enjoy.


When learners leave their classrooms behind and enter the working world, many will be confronted with technology that is in daily use in offices and boardrooms around the globe.

There is no substitute for the comfort with these systems that can be gained through regular interaction with high-tech digital video equipment.


Video Classroom-ing


Video conferencing provides clear benefits in the business world where it is often used to bridge otherwise impossible distances between respective collaborators.


In the realm of education – where schools and universities often lack the monetary clout of successful corporates – the advantages can become even more apparent. While some may balk at the thought of the prices that might be attached to networked display systems, the quality of outcomes makes them comparatively inexpensive solutions for the educational institute that is serious about investing in its learners.


Consider the expenses attached to a university flying in guest lecturers from other countries, for example. With video conferencing systems, an institution could spare itself those costs, without sacrificing the benefits that come from giving their students access to those expertise.


Budget-Beating Virtual Trips


If a school’s problem isn’t about bringing experts in but rather about facing the logistical costs of an educational field trip, for instance, AV technology can provide a virtual excursion, as detailed and immersive as the course requires, without the costs associated with changing venues.


Record outings, put together complete, detailed presentations, and relay the information to learners in high-def, perfect clarity with modern digital projectors and displays that capture every nuance of the scene.


Recreate and simulate the knowledge transfer of a guided educational tour without the need for transportation or chasing nervous parents to sign releases for their children.


Lecture Capture


Recording lectures as a learning and review resource for students, freeing them up to pay attention to their lecturers or teachers rather than distracting themselves by taking notes of the person right in front of them.


Lecture capturing is an integral part of what is known as the flipped classroom learning model, whereby students absorb lectures at home to prepare them to do what used to be considered homework at school the next day.


Whether a school wants to follow this model or not, it is hard to argue against the benefits of building a video repository of past lectures for students to review as a part of their learning materials, and the possibilities associated with building such an archive stretch beyond the bare-bones applications touched on here.


Infinite Audio Visual Possibilities


This list is by no means exhaustive.

Far from it, in fact. There are few limits on the ideas that can be brought to life with the right mix of AV technology, training and IT integration.


Contact Peripheral Vision today and find out more about our audio visual solutions, and how they can be tailored to meet your educational institution’s pressing needs.

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