Convergence of IT and AV: Providing Far More Than Products

26 April 2017

We’ve come a long way from the time when the 8mm film projector embodied the absolute pinnacle of AV technology.

In the rapidly evolving technological environment we find ourselves working in today, the continued convergence of IT and AV technology is a reality that cannot wisely be ignored.

And make no mistake about it, not only is it inevitable that IT and AV will continue their high-tech liaison, but we’re already in a place and time where the latter can barely be recognised in any meaningful sense without the support of the former.

Not to toot our own horn, but this is one reason that we at Peripheral Vision have long stuck by a philosophy that encompasses both IT and AV principles, and why we furbish our clientele with fully-integrated, bespoke solutions, rather than simply peddling gadgets.                                                                                                   

Indeed, in the modern world, the audio visual industry should not just be about the sale of products, but rather about the provision of systemic solutions to challenges and preferences of both profession and lifestyle.

“What does that last line even mean?” You might ask.      


Hot Desks with Cool Tech

Well, take hot-desking for instance.

Whether you think it’s the way of the future or a fading fad, the idea of hot-desking speaks to a larger movement in the modern workplace, whereby the office workforce demands mobility and flexibility with respect to not just how they do their jobs, but also where they do them from.

Even while some have not yet joined the chorus on the concept of hot-desking – which is the system of rotating single workstations between a number of flexi-time or mobile employees – the fact is that there are few, if any, challenges of the practice that cannot be countered by the intelligent application of an integrated AV/IT scheduling solution. 

One of the leading critiques of hot-desking systems is, for instance, that they make employees feel ‘homeless’ at the office – disconnected and unsettled.

Consider the words of Aglaia Kong, CTO for Corporate Networking at Google, speaking at the Integrated Systems Europe 2017 conference about the possibilities presented by the Internet of Things (IoT) and its overlap with the AV industry:

“IoT would allow spaces, and the experience within them, to be customised in terms of light colour, heat and even decoration, for short spaces of time.” 

The point here is, that with a little thought, the convergence of AV and IT could potentially provide a solution to the hot-desk problem of employees feeling unsettled due to lacking a personalised workspace. Just use the tech to allow them to personalise their desks for as long as they are at them.

As the technology continues to advance, so too will the authenticity of the environments that we can create with it.

This is without even delving into virtual and augmented reality, and the possibilities that such devices present for the workspaces of the future. With the right integration of AV and IT technologies, the possibilities become endless. 

This is why specialists, like those here at Peripheral Vision, have come to understand that conversations about AV and IT technologies must be framed less in terms of “Products Sold” and more in terms of “Problems Solved”. 

Problem-Solving Technology

When the Eastman Kodak company released the first 8mm film in 1932, they were providing the consumers of the time with a product that would allow them to affordably film and project their own home movies. Back then, the audio component of “audio visual” was somewhat less pronounced than it is today, and silent Charlie Chaplin films were among the most popular imprints on film at the time.

It was a relatively simple product for a comparatively simple time.

By virtue of the consumerisation of technology and the unstoppable spread of IoT, today’s consumers (whether an individual or a big corporate) are more sophisticated by several orders of magnitude than their 1930s counterparts, and the AV solutions they’re looking for are, likewise, far more sophisticated – even if they don’t realise it.

The breakneck pace of technological progress is faster than anyone not ensconced in the industry can reliably follow, and the applications toward which that tech can be put are only limited by the imagination and expertise of the specialist developing the solution.

If you want to know more about integrated AV and IT or “Hot Desks with Cool Tech”, and how Peripheral Vision turns premium products, from the leading brands into comprehensive communications solutions, feel free to get in touch, and find out more.





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