Collaboration without Cables 5 Ways Going Wireless Makes Your Business Better

03 August 2017

It’s 2017, and we think it unlikely that you still have to be convinced of the benefits of wireless technology. After all, with your smartphone in hand, you can wirelessly phone or text your contacts, access the internet, make video calls, send and receive media files and more.

Collaboration without cables is more than that though.

From a business standpoint, the ongoing innovation of newer and better applications for wireless technology is an efficiency revolution that exponentially expands your frontiers for tackling customer service, HR and productivity problems.

Some ways that wireless technology can make your business better are:

  1. Empowering a mobile workforce

Speaking of smartphones, does anyone who works for you, not have a smartphone?

Make the most of the inherent connectedness of the modern employee and give yours the ability to work, communicate and collaborate with anyone, from anywhere, at any time.

The mobile employee, armed only with his or her smartphone and a collaboration solution like Barco’s ClickShare and its mobile app, has all that’s needed to master out-of-office presentations, collaborations and communications with aplomb.

  1. Accommodating Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Afford your staff the convenience of connecting to the wireless network at your office and you’ll find yourself with a more satisfied, more productive workforce. Employees who can conveniently integrate the devices they already own and are comfortable using them in the corporate network, are employees whose performance is instantly optimised.

Strategic implementation of BYOD also means that guests’ devices can be given access to your network, if need be. Maybe you’re hosting a training session, or a corporate partner is visiting to collaborate with your team. In either case, access to your network may well be required without the costly inconvenience of also providing guests with devices that have network access.

Speaking of cost-effectiveness…

  1. Making Business More Cost-Effective 

A wired network is simply more costly to set up and maintain.

All those cables that lie tangled around a wired office, tripping up staff and just generally giving the place the air of the haphazard are not only inconvenient, limiting and ugly, but they also cost money. They cost money to purchase, to maintain, to install and to upgrade.

They also come with the implicit cost of productivity as compromises in performance must sometimes be made to ensure compatibility of connectivity across systems and between staff members.

Saving money, time and hassle essentially means saving money, money and money.

Even upsizing your wireless network becomes a walk in the park, financially speaking. That brings us to our next point;

  1. Easing the scaling up of your network 

Probably the biggest drawback to using a wired network is made apparent when a new staff member joins the team and has to be added to it.

A hardwired setup will quickly turn into a nightmare of rerouting cables, adding news ones and juggling connection points as you fight off the realisation that someone didn’t adequately plan for expansion.

Wireless offices are largely free of this series of headaches. In addition, the hassle of expansion can largely be reduced to the handing out of new passwords.

  1. It is inevitable

The consumerisation of technology is an ongoing and unstoppable process. The mobilisation of consumer technology is not likely to slow down any time soon.

The Internet of Things will continue to shape the way we live and conduct business in the future. There are now too many interests involved for anyone to hope that this trend will reverse. And why would you hope for that anyway?

The few advantages that wired networks still hold over wireless are diminishing as the technology evolves. And it won’t be long (unless it’s already the case) before the natural presumption is that your business is wireless. Customers, partners and shareholders will glance askew at you if you’re still relying on caveman tech to run your business operations.

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