3 Steps to Creating a User-Friendly Control Room for Optimised Operator Performance

06 September 2017

The best, most well-equipped and technologically advanced control room in the world is only as effective as the person operating it. If that operator is sleeping at the keyboard; overwhelmed by the plethora of data he or she has to contend with; or just plain distracted from the task at hand – your control room’s efficiency becomes immediately compromised.

The intuitive truth of this sentiment has been revealed for at least a decade, as the world’s leaders in the control room solutions have steadily increased their focus on the ergonomics of control room design.

At the end of the day, the most important factor to take into account in control room design is probably the human one.

Thankfully, as leading South African distributors of some of the world’s top control room tech, Peripheral Vision has the solutions to your control room’s ergonomic needs.

  1. Remember Operator Comfort

It might not sound like the sort of high-tech solution that’ll keep your operational nerve centre needs to keep running but, as we’ve said, you cannot underestimate operator comfort when it comes to maintaining optimal control room performance.

Successful tech providers long-since recognised the value of ergonomic environments – even industry giant, GESAB have gone so far as to declare themselves “obsessed” with ergonomics. 

Check out GESAB’s range of ergonomic furniture, produced especially for improving comfort, focus and efficiency in modern command and control centres.

And they’re not alone in advocating for ergonomic control room design.

Barco likewise, stresses the importance of ergonomics in their methodology, and Barco control room design includes operator comfort and workplace personalisation considerations as an integral part of the overall solution.

It is a design philosophy that we mirror in our service provision here at Peripheral Vision. Why not have a look for yourself?               

  1. Consolidate Control

The volume of data that has to be sifted through and prioritised in the modern control room is only increasing as the systems used to capture it become more and more sophisticated. In order to prevent operators from becoming overwhelmed by the information that will inform their decisions, the technology dedicated to accessing and collating that information has to become just as sophisticated.

Again, Barco proves to be a pioneer of solutions with the innovative and intuitive OpSpace – the first workspace solution that is tailored to the operator’s needs.

Utilise the OpSpace solution and give your control room operator unparalleled access to all relevant information, from a single workstation, using one mouse and one keyboard. With an intuitive interface that integrates all information for streamlined operator overview, there is no good reason not to take advantage of the patent-pending technology of the OpSpace solution

This streamlined integration of information also has great collaborative applications – which brings us to our next point.

  1. Create Collaborative Environments

While OpSpace’s integrated and intuitive interface improves collaboration within and between control rooms, this industry-leading brand hasn’t stopped there.

Barco’s Control Room Management Suite software4 takes efficient and collaborative control room design seriously. This hardware-independent software solution proves its worth in all control room environments, from traffic and surveillance through to process control and broadcast uses.                                                                                                         

Put modern collaborative technology at your control room operator’s fingertips, empower them to make fast, informed decisions. Optimise your operational processes, improve efficiency and streamline workflows with Barco’s Control Room Management Suite Software.

Improve Your Control Room Today – With Peripheral Vision! 

Whether you want to upgrade and update your existing control room with the latest tech and best practices, or you need a newly designed and developed control room, catering to your specific operational requirements, contact Peripheral Vision, today

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