Video Wall Showdown: LED vs LCD

07 February 2018

Which is the display solution for you?

When it comes to choosing the ideal video wall system for your needs, the sheer number of products and solutions available to the prospective buyer can be, quite simply, overwhelming.

One of the first questions you might find yourself asking as you set out to determine which is the best video wall solution for you is, “Do I want LED or LCD?” As two of the more popular video wall formats, the choice usually comes down to one of these.

When deciding which will better serve your purposes, you must first clearly identify what your requirements your solution will be expected to satisfy.

How user-friendly is it?

How much will it cost?

Is it for a control room, outdoor advertising, or something else?

The answer to these and other questions will help to inform your final decision.

So, with that said, let’s ask the important questions, and see how each solution stacks up.

How reliable and serviceable is each option?

Uptime is one of the top traits to keep in mind with most uses of video wall systems – this is especially true in a control room scenario, where a 24/7 duty cycle is a baseline requirement.

As both systems are modular in nature, repairs, replacement of parts and general maintenance is similarly simple in both LED and LCD setups.

LEDs could be considered to have a negligible advantage in that there is no danger of image retention, where an extended period of displaying a static image can ‘burn’ that image into the screen.

On the other hand, LCD systems have no consumable parts and their solid-state electronics mean that they are very resilient in the face of environmental stress effects, such as vibration and humidity.

LCD platforms, like the new Barco UniSee promise as much as 100,000 hours of continuous use.

Winner: While there are a few individual differences between each system type, they both equal out in the end, and the decision is likely to come down to the nuances of the application to which you’re going to put your video wall.

It’s a draw.

What is the cost?

Cost can be broken down into upfront cost and cost of ownership. And on both counts, the LCD solution appears to be the standout competitor.

While ever-improving technological proficiency in the industry is seeing the price of LED video walls slowly start to come down, the price of these systems still represents a significant barrier to entry, and will continue to for some time.

LCD video displays not only save you money at the till. Their resilience, long lifespan and low maintenance requirements mean that they will continue to be easy on your bank account over the long-term – with a reduced chance of dropping any expensive surprises on you down the line.

Winner: Until the technology allows LED to come in at a similar price point to LCD displays, the price of the latter will continue to be a compelling selling point. Even when the upfront cost of LED is more palatable, the long-term costs might serve as a dissuading factor.

LCD is the clear winner.

What environmental factors need to be considered?

Is your video wall for a control room or a concert? An airport display or an outdoor billboard?

Each system offers unique benefits, depending upon where it is to be deployed.

Its clarity of resolution means that LCD screens are great for use in situation where the display is intended to be viewed from close up. LED on the other hand, is far more visible from farther away. Additionally, LED offers superior visibility when competing with natural ambience.

LED also offers a far wider viewing angle, while LCD is best viewed from directly head-on. This is due to the LCD screen being backlit, while the light-emitting diodes that make up an LED screen project and light the image themselves.

Winner: LED wins – sort of. LED is deployable in a wider range of environments, but there are certainly situations in which LCD would be the clear winner (control rooms, for example).

Contact Peripheral Vision for video wall solutions

As you can see, even in a head-to-head comparison, determining the better choice between LED and LCD is not always straightforward. Contact Peripheral Vision, and we’ll look at your budget, your requirements and the environment in which you want to set up your video wall to help arrive at a conclusion about which system is best for you.

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