Written by: Karen Langenhoven
03 July 2018


IT managers today have enormous challenges, such as needing to protect sensitive data, keeping their companies safe from hackers or cyber-threats, and defeating malware to name a few. Espionage, spy ware, cyber wars: keyboards are the new knives! To fight off these nightmares and prepare for battle, it is crucial for IT managers to assess devices and systems they want to incorporate into their business eco-system.

Only 34% of companies today take the time to do thorough assessments on interconnectivity and vulnerability when introducing new technology in their company (The Global State of Information Security Survey 2018 by Pricewaterhouse Coopers - PwC). However 28% has already experienced loss or damage of internal records due to security incidents. Choosing for safe technology can help companies to build resilience to sustain operations and boost economic performance when being faced with this kind of cyber crime. 

Time to play it safe

Especially in meetings it is crucial to keep data protected. Presentations can contain highly confidential numbers or strategy outlines that simply cannot leave the boardroom. Wireless presentation systems are the best solution for safer and secure sharing of content. With ClickShare, sharing your presentations and ideas has never been easier. One click is all you need to tap into simplicity, to get your content on screen and to wow your audience.  The good news for IT managers is that ClickShare also puts safety first…

Your partner in crime

During the design and development of the ClickShare range, focussing on securing external risks has been key. Next to this, vulnerabilities from within the product have also been carefully scrutinized.  Extensive threat modelling and the most powerful security engineering has resulted in a fully secure solution.

Guard your steps

With ClickShare the user is in control. He decides what to share and what not to. Since content sharing is real-time, data is never stored on the ClickShare unit. All data transferred via ClickShare on screen is protected. And data not shared on the display, but stored on your personal device, remains secured too.

A safe bet

Working with the ClickShare Button or app allows only original Barco software to run on your device, preventing malware from invading.

What’s more, with our layered approach to ensure information security we assure that if one safeguard fails, another automatically steps in.

As IT manager, you can choose the appropriate security level for your company. ClickShare offers three security levels, easily managed through the web interface. From unauthenticated access to levels requiring different degrees of authentication, you decide, defend and defeat.

No chance of security leaks with ClickShare, which enables you to be in control of your meetings. 


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