Written by: Petra Liu
11 July 2018


The tedious task of having to install software and hardware, setting it all up and then having to use cables and adaptors, just to share your presentation and other documentation with your colleagues and clients, has now officially come to an end. When it comes to business efficiency and seamless information distribution the cardinal rule of good business still stands – Time is money.

With Barco’s new ClickShare device, you can save both your time and your money, all while placing your entire business’ needs in the palm of your hand. Whether you use iOS or Android, ClickShare makes business meetings and presentations much more interactive and enjoyable. Barco’s ClickShare system consists of three components:

ClickShare Base Unit

The ClickShare Base Unit is the largest component and does all the major work. It takes care of all the processing and is connected to the meeting room / boardroom’s projector or display system. This Base Unit can be placed out of sight and once it is connected, you are pretty much ready to go.

Click Share Tray

The ClickShare Tray usually sits in the centre of the boardroom table and houses all the ClickShare Buttons. All the people taking part in the presentation can then grab a ClickShare Button from the Tray and connect their Buttons to their devices.

Click Share Buttons

The ClickShare Button is the magic wand that allows anybody to share their presentation or documentation with everybody else. It simply and wirelessly transfers your device’s display to the Base Unit, which in turn transfers the display to the boardroom projector or display unit – all in just one click.

3 Easy Steps To Sharing Presentations In Just One Click

Using Barco’s ClickShare system is as easy as pie and you can display up to 4 devices on-screen simultaneously, regardless of the type of devices you use. As long as your device has a USB port or can connect to WiFi, you certainly can use ClickShare to ensure that your meeting or presentation runs smoothly and efficiently.

Step 1:   Connect The ClickShare Button To Your USB Port

Ensure that the Base Unit is properly connected to the boardroom display unit and that it is turned on. Then simply connect the ClickShare Button to your device’s USB port. After that, browse through My Computer/Finder on your device and open the Click Share drive. Double click the ClickShare application and connect in an instant.

Step 2:  Click The ClickShare Button

Click the Button connected to your device and wait for the LED light on the Button to turn red. Once the LED light on the Button turns red, this means you are ready to share your presentation/documentation, which should immediately pop up on the boardroom display unit.

Step 3:  Begin Your Wireless, Stress-Free Presentation

Now that you are ready to present, it’s all up to you to knock it out of the park. ClickShare’s intelligence makes optimal use of your device’s display resolution and the boardroom display unit’s resolution, ensuring that your presentation is crystal clear. This means you can add images, spreadsheets and video clips, just to make your presentation a bit more interesting.

And because ClickShare is a multi-device operating system, it is easy to hand over the presentation to your colleagues without having to reconnect. The only thing your colleagues will need to do, is to connect their devices to ClickShare and push their ClickShare Button when it is their turn to present. If they are using a Smartphone or Tablet, they just need to connect via Wifi and they too can be part of the presentation.

Now that you know just how easy it is share your presentation and documentation with just one click, contact Peripheral Vision and let us advise you on the ideal solutions to meet all your business requirements.


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