What's New with ClickShare

Written by: Barco
07 August 2018



  • ClickShare is the first wireless collaboration solution to embrace USB-C.


  • New features, including support for touch screens and free software releases keep the focus on simplicity, zero-learning and user-friendliness.


  • Efficiency, security and ease-of-use remain uncompromised in enterprise roll-outs with ClickShare.


ClickShare, Barco’s ideal solution for content sharing in the corporate environment, took a huge step over the past few years and continues to work towards an even more efficient meeting future for both meeting room participants and IT managers. The new features and software releases, keep the focus on the zero-learning curve and user-friendliness of the entire product line.  

Slicker and smarter: step-up meetings with USB-C
With more and more companies introducing laptops, smartphones, tablets, even home appliances and vehicles with USB-C connectors, the days of the ordinary USB are almost over.  A slicker, smarter and faster design is making its entrance in the home and office environment. Barco ClickShare is the first to bring a USB-C Button on the market for meeting room collaboration. 

The connector of the new ClickShare USB-C Button is lighter, thinner and completely reversible. It works in either orientation which only adds to the meeting comfort and productivity of all meeting room participants. Next to this it removes the need for extra connectors and adaptors to get presentation tools up and running. The possibility to use either a USB-C Button or a regular Button offers our users a truly seamless and future-proof experience in any huddle space, meeting room or boardroom. 

Thrilling Touchback: re-energize collaboration with ClickShare firmware

With free, quarterly firmware updates for the CSE-200 and CSE-800, Barco is continuously improving the ClickShare speed and simplicity. With the latest software release, the focus is on the user experience in meeting rooms with touch panels. ClickShare re-energizes collaboration and introduces Touchback: presenters control any application on their laptop via the touch screen in the room, instead of using the computer mouse. With this advanced feature, ClickShare adds energy to meetings and leads the way to more innovative methods of collaboration.


Effortless and envisioned: enhance efficiency in an Enterprise-wide roll-out

Three ClickShare features are designed to make the life of Enterprise customers with large scale installs smooth. Keeping Buttons up-to-date and properly synced with the ClickShare Base Unit is a challenge for large rollouts or when Base Units are hidden behind screens or mounted on a meeting room ceiling. With the launch of the new Button Manager software in June 2018, administrators are able to choose any of the units from their network to connect with and pair Buttons in a quick and easy way.

Managing a full portfolio of ClickShare Units has never been more relaxed with the free, web-based Collaboration Management Suite. Not only does the platform allow IT managers to update multiple units at once anywhere in the network, it also allows them to schedule those updates whenever it suits them. Consulting a range of information, resolving issues quickly and remotely and making sure all units perform optimally. Effortless management of units anywhere, anytime is guaranteed!

When gearing up for the digital workplace of tomorrow, enterprises need to be sure that their data is protected and that sharing of content in their offices can happen in a safe way. During the design and development of the ClickShare range, focus on securing external risks has been key as well as vulnerabilities from within the product were carefully scrutinized.  Extensive threat modelling, the most powerful security engineering, resulted in a fully secure solution where IT managers can easily choose the appropriate security level that fits their company policies via the ClickShare configurator. 


The powerful potential of presentation technology

More than 400,000 units shipped worldwide, several awards, a large, patented portfolio and a trusted partner network made ClickShare a leader in meeting collaboration technology today. The wireless collaboration solution, praised for its reliability and intuitiveness, continues to cater the needs of many enterprises looking for innovative ways of collaboration and struggling with contemporary needs for secure and time-saving meeting technology.  ClickShare enables meeting participants, IT and Facility managers to drive efficiencies across the business in the brightest, simplest and most productive way, even in the future of work.


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