Absen LED

We at Peripheral Vision recognise the strong trend towards LED display technology in many applications and are very excited to be associated

with a strong brand such as Absen, which has an established history in the South African Market.


Absen displays cover a wide range of applications including Commercial Display, Data Visualisation, Rental & Staging and DOOH, so whatever your vision

or need - there's an Absen LED solution scaled, designed and priced to fit. Through constant innovation and development, Absen has been the No.1

Chinese manufacturer in exporting LED displays for 12 years in a row, making it the brand of choice for some of the most prominent brands around the world.


Peripheral Vision will have an indoor focus with Absen LED display solutions, applicable to boardrooms, auditoriums and conference venues. We will also provide

ready access to commercial displays for reception areas and shop fronts. Absen has products that are suitable for every application and every budget.


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