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For those currently using just Outlook for meeting room booking, cloud-based Rendezvous integrates fully with Outlook to provide many enhancements to send efficiency and productivity rocketing.

The Rendezvous booking management system enables businesses to manage room occupancy more effectively with seamless check in and check out functionality, allowing users to confirm when they start and finish their meetings. It also helps users to access information about each meeting room, including its size, seating capacity, equipment, and any specific features or requirements. This is a robust booking management system with real-time visibility of the availability of meeting rooms, making it easy for users to see when rooms are occupied or available.


  • Find ideal meeting space easily with this conference room booking system – even in multiple locations and time-zones
  • Reserve it quickly via the meeting room booking software app
  • Book services and equipment at the same time, including catering, videoconferencing, and AV
  • Changes are notified to everyone automatically by the conference room scheduling display of meeting room booking systems
  • Visitors feel like VIPs – the cloud-based meeting room booking system software integrates with digital signage to guide them and provide touch-free check-in and out.

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