European Commission

Simultaneous interpreting requires meeting rooms specially equipped with sound proof booths for the interpreters and cutting edge electronic equipment, to facilitate the interpreters crucial task. A clear example is the European Commission meeting rooms. The use of a non-intrusive monitor is fundamental, since interpreters will use it to visualize both the people in the meeting rooms as well as documents.

Interpretation booths are equipped with a high definition monitor which allows an easy and straight forward video source selection. With a minimal frame, these monitors provide two switchable HD-SDI inputs and they are designed to keep an optimal height which allows a perfect visibility of the room. To reinforce the communication process, DynamicX2 design monitors are installed inside the European Commission meeting rooms. The European Institutions started with four languages in 1958 and now work in 23 official and working languages plus, in some cases, a number of regional languages. Giving anyone at the table a voice and a document in their own language is a fundamental requirement of the democratic legitimacy of the European Union.





Case study from Arthur Holm