Written by: Televic
13 September 2018

uniCOS Wins Independent Comparative Test

Televic’s UniCOS conferencing system finished first in a direct shootout against Bosch and Taiden. A panel of 16 AV experts judged the conferencing systems on several fronts: design, multimedia capabilities, audio, video, and working with documents. Televic took home first prize, ahead of Taiden and Bosch, thanks to its commitment to crystal-clear audio & video.

AV Club Pro, a leading Russian AV magazine, invited Televic, Bosch & Taiden to present its latest multimedia conference system to be judged by an independent jury of 16 experts. The team included AV specialists, engineers, technical directors, project managers, and CEOs. The goal of the comparative study was to subject the equipment of every manufacturer to a series of tests, ranging from the design and the audio & video to multimedia capabilities. The study was the first full-day comparison between the systems of all three manufacturers.

In a blind test, the jury agreed that Televic’s sound quality was superior to the competitors. The result underlines our priority to provide customers with the best possible sound, an essential component to successful conferencing. When it came down to HD Video Streaming, our UniCOS even scored a perfect 5/5 for its ability to transfer crisp images with a low latency (less than a frame). The judges noted: “Delays are not visible at all, perfect quality.” Furthermore, our functional agenda setting won over the expert panel with its “clear and intuitive” interface. In the end, Televic’s combined score for every test took the final lead over the competitors:

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