Televic Introduces uniCOS 10

Written by: Bart De Ruyck - Televic
29 March 2019

Televic Introduces uniCOS 10" Tabletop

Amsterdam (The Netherlands), February 5, 2019 – TELEVIC CONFERENCE, the leading manufacturer of innovative solutions for moderated meetings, has released uniCOS Tabletop, a multimedia conference device that gives users unparalleled meeting flexibility. The brand-new device combines beautiful design with a tiltable 10-inch screen to set a new standard in multimedia experiences for any conference venue. uniCOS Tabletop joins redesigned 7-inch & 10-inch flushmount versions to provide customers with the most versatile multimedia conference solutions available today.

The brand-new uniCOS Tabletop starts with a bold design that fuses a solid brushed aluminum base with a crisp and thin 10-inch display. Televic has designed and tested the new device with painstaking attention to detail to ensure it feels at home in any venue. From historic buildings over protected furniture to modern boardrooms: uniCOS Tabletop is the start of a beautiful and flexible multimedia conference experience. 

The new display can be tilted and covers a complete 90-degree angle from fully vertical to fully horizontal. It also comes with seven predefined fixed positions that click into place for quick and convenient adjustments. Bart De Ruyck, Televic Product Marketing Specialist adds: “The tiltable screen on the new uniCOS Tabletop gives users the opportunity to adjust the screen to their individual preference. No matter where they are sitting or how close they are to the display: they’ll get a perfect image in front of them. All while enjoying a clean look in the conference room.”

uniCOS Tabletop also comes with versatile functionality. For starters, it has an integrated camera to create a talking head of the conference participant behind the microphone. It also comes with 2 USB ports to charge a phone or connect an E-Ink nameplate. What’s more, the new device is powered over the Plixus® network, too, which makes installation hassle-free. Says Karel Vanheule, Televic Product Manager: “Our new multimedia tabletop device was designed to take full advantage of our Plixus® network. Users get up to 6 Full-HD lip-synced video streams right on their device. And everything is transported over a single CAT 5e cable. Even connecting a Plixus Nameplate is as easy as connecting a USB-cable. The result is an unrivaled ability to mix and match products on our network.”

Alongside the uniCOS Tabletop, Televic is also releasing updated versions of its 7-inch and 10-inch flushmount equipment and its uniBOX. The flushmount devices are up to 35% more compact, faster, and come with an integrated camera. In combination with specially designed brackets, the 7-inch and 10-inch flushmount devices can even be fixed on the conference table with minimal impact on the architecture.

“We’re incredibly excited by the new tabletop addition to our uniCOS multimedia family. Because we think uniCOS gives users the most flexible and versatile range of multimedia conference devices available today. So we’re proud to present them first at Integrated Systems Europe 2019”, says Bart Deschodt, General Manager of Televic Conference.


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