Plixus Nameplate

Written by: Televic
29 March 2019

Plixus Nameplate Cures The Pains Of Paper Nameplates

Izegem (Belgium), August 9, 2018 – TELEVIC CONFERENCE, leading manufacturer of innovative solutions for moderated meetings, has released its Plixus Nameplate. The brand-new product fuses design with functionality and technology to save time, money, and manual labor in preparing and running meetings. It allows institutions, councils, parliaments, and rental organizers to make meetings much more efficient, without wasting valuable resources.


The Plixus Nameplate was conceived to make problems with paper nameplates a thing of the past. Says Karel Vanheule, Televic Conference Product Manager: "Printing each nameplate and carefully placing it on every single desk of a large venue is really time-consuming and prone to errors. Not to mention incredibly wasteful since the paper is frequently thrown out after a meeting. Our goal was to create a solution that addresses these issues in an elegant and functional way".

For starters, the Plixus Nameplate is dual-sided to provide information to people both in front of and behind the device. It also uses E Ink technology for maximum readability and minimum power usage. Furthermore, a dedicated request to speak button and a LED give participants an easy way to request to speak. “We noticed in our research that participants were constantly using their paper nameplate to wave and signal to the chairman that they would like to speak”, says Karel Vanheule. “We think our system is not only a great solution, it’s also unique on the market today.”

Additionally, creating layouts for nameplates is often a challenge, but the Nameplate Manager makes it easy. “Our brand-new web-based application was developed with a WYSIWYG approach. Users can create and design right in their browsers and see the live result. What’s more, there’s huge flexibility in the design options. There’s no code, you just move fields around and create layouts in 1-2-3”, says Didier Rosez, Product Manager.

Finally, the Plixus Nameplates integrates seamlessly with the Plixus Network to ensure perfect compatibility.

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