ClickShare Conference

Great things happen when people click with ClickShare Conference, wireless conferencing at its best.

Televic Conference Confidea Flex

Televic Confidea Flex is a brand new table top conference device with a touch screen.  It comes with flexible hardware and software options to adapt to the needs of any conference meeting - large or small.

Televic Confero MEET

Ensure your hybrid city council meetings run like clockwork with Televic's Confero Meet

Barco UniSee Video Wall

With the revolutionary Barco UniSee Video Wall every component has been optomised, resulting in a step forward in terms of image quality, installation time, ease-of-servicing, and reliability.

How to use blackboarding and annotation with the CSE-800

Barco F80 Projector

Why the "silent" F80 projector is perfect for your fixed installations....

and it offers superb colours for applications below 10K lumens at the angle you need.

Matrox Software, APIs & Libraries Matrox Mura IPX Cards

Get the Best from Your Video Wall with Matrox Software, APIs & Libraries

The Matrox Mura IPX 4K capture and IP encoder/decoder cards offer the most robust software options on the market for OEMs and integrators. It encompasses a full range of industry-leading encoding and decoding features and use cases, which are unlocked through the integration of Matrox software with the Mura IPX card.

Barco Products - ClickShare The CSE-200

ClickShare is Barco's wireless presentation and collaboration system, that allows any meeting participant to share content on the central meeting room screen. The CSE 200 is a wireless presentation system for small to medium sized meeting rooms. Sharing can be done via laptop PC or MAC, or via iOS and Android-powered mobile devices. The result is enhanced meeting efficiency and better decision-making.

Barco Products ClickShare An Overview

There are many ways to connect a mobile device or pc to a central meeting display. But none are as simple and reliable as Barco’s ClickShare. Simply plug a Button into your laptop (PC or MAC) and you are ready to wirelessly share your presentation or notes with the other meeting attendees. It’s like wireless HDMI tailored to the meeting room.

Matrox Mura IPX - Color Space Color & Color Spaces

Learn about RGB and YUV colour, colour depth, and colour spaces with Matrox

With multi-channel HD and 4K applications in mind, the Matrox Mura IPX card is designed to handle a wide variety of colour and display scenarios. By highlighting RGB and YUV colour space capabilities, the leading edge nature of the Mura IPX line of products is made apparent.

Barco Products - ClickShare The CS-100

Simply share your laptop or mobile device on the main presentation screen. Bring people, content and ideas together. And make sharing easier in every meeting – all with a simple click. No hassle. No messy cables. Just quick, confident sharing. The CS-100 is a recent addition to the ClickShare family and is designed for use in small meeting rooms.

F70 series 4K UHD laser-phosphor projector for simulation