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Arthur Holm

Arthur Holm, built on more than 40 years of craftsmanship based on continuous development and innovation, offers an inspiring product range where tomorrow’s technology is shaped by their passion to create ingenious products. These designs are based on quality materials and cutting edge technology that endow meeting and conference rooms with silent, ergonomic, flexible, innovative and aesthetic solutions which integrate within the furniture, hang from the walls or are used as interactive points of information.

Arthur Holm Screens

Motorised Monitors

Arthur Holm is designing and manufacturing the largest motorized monitor range on the market. With more than 30 patents, Arthur Holm offers a wide range of vertically retractable monitors and foldable monitors that provides a unique design and outstanding features: innovative technology that seamlessly integrate in the furniture’s design. Beautiful, discreet, reliable, and compatible with third devices. Our goal is to capture the personality of each meeting room and to customize the monitors to create memorable experiences and to enhance communication.

Manual Monitors

Stylish, elegant, sober, and easily manually foldable aluminum monitors designed to help optimizing the space in the table and providing a clean view to the room. Arthur Holm proposes a wide range of manual monitors, designed for an easy integration to be placed on top of the desk or to be integrated in it: manually foldable back or forward.

Video Distribution

DynamicLoop and DynamicShare are embedded video distribution and video selection and sharing solutions that significantly optimize the cabling and the installation time with a meeting and conference table.

Control & Diagnose Accessories

ERT interfaces provide an easy and convenient system to control and diagnose motorized monitors, microphone lifts and other automated solutions by Arthur Holm helping to reduce the installation costs in terms of both equipments and time.

Arthur Holm Screens
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