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Peripheral Vision leads the market with professional, robust connection panels for boardrooms, workstations and training rooms. They are designed with attention to detail and manufactured with precision from durable materials and feature solid aluminium lids. The range of products is vast with custom design possible for minimum quantities and all products are available in anodised black or brushed aluminium (silver) finish.

Whether it be power access in the desk or something as complex as multiple video signal interfaces in a lectern, ProConnect products are designed specifically for the custom installer, with many of their products directly resulting from installer input. The uniqueness of the custom install environment demands products that meet a higher standard; long wire pulls require wire and cable that resists abrasion, compression connectors that minimize signal loss, interconnect cables that perform at a higher level than standard off the shelf retail products.

ProConnect Spec Sheet 1
ProConnect Spec Sheet 2
ProConnect Spec Sheet 5
ProConnect Spec Sheet 3
ProConnect Spec Sheet 4
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