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NFS Technology Rendezvous

Rendezvous is the complete solution for managing and fully utilising meeting rooms. More than a basic scheduling system, it is the total platform to manage desks, meeting rooms, video conferences, visitors and much more. 

Rendezvous forms part of a wider ecosystem which includes meeting room booking software, desk booking software, employee booking portal, digital signage for rooms, wayfinding, floorplan-based booking, video conferencing and visitor management.​

Meeting Room Booking  

Rendezvous is a leading meeting room booking software solution. It is easy to use with an intuitive drag and drop interface users can book meetings, catering, AV services and car parking in a few clicks. Seamless integration to Outlook/Exchange and Office 365 ensures that everyone is kept up to date – automatically. 


With our mobile-first interface, today’s agile workers can book a room and/or desk in moments and for corporate PAs it saves them hours every week. 

Desk Booking 

Speaking of agile working, Rendezvous is an efficient desk booking software solution. With an easy-to-use mobile app and with floorplan-based booking, users can locate and book their desks in less than a minute. 


New features such as colleague search empower agile workers to work effectively and collaboratively. 

Digital Experience 

Technology has transformed the meeting experience. With Rendezvous you can seamlessly work with leading AV, digital signage and video conferencing platforms. 


Rendezvous makes easy work of arranging multi-location video conference meetings across multiple timezones. Integration with video conference end and start points ensures that meetings always start and end on time. 


Rendezvous enhances the client experience – attendees get real-time accurate information about room availability, they can extend meetings using the signage, simple colour coding lets them know immediately whether the previous meeting is finished.

Open API Platform  


Rendezvous is built for integration. With an open API it becomes a key component of your technology toolkit. Rendezvous integrates with sensor technology, desk panels, QR codes, RFID, beacon technology, digital technology, digital signage, visitor management software and access control systems. 

The Rendezvous platform is fully hardware agnostic. You can future proof and extend the capabilities of your existing hardware or purchase new hardware with the confidence that it will work seamlessly. The choice is yours. 

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