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Peripheral Vision is a CleverTouch Premium Supplier in South Africa - multi-award winning interactive touchscreens. Our panels offer 20 simultaneous points of touch, subscription-free apps and software, remote management of your fleet no matter their location and wireless connectivity so that there are no obstacles to enhanced collaborative meetings

Interactive Displays

Elevate the way you connect and collaborate. An interactive display combines high-quality advanced technology with a familiar user experience to enrich presentations, meetings and lessons. Unleash creativity with built-in apps designed to make note-taking, brainstorming and presentation-building simple and intuitive.

With sizes ranging from 55" to 86", PC or tablet-mode options and a stunningly clear 4K resolution, all backed up with a comprehensive warranty and the lowest failure rate on the market, their range of interactive displays are the ideal choice, whatever your budget.

Clevertouch Interactive Display

Commercial Displays

Delivering powerful brilliance with effortless control and advanced feature capabilities, these non-interactive displays push the boundaries of technology, capturing and engaging with audiences as your content is displayed quickly, easily and professionally.

Easy to use and deploy, they can be used for digital signage or as a front-of-room collaborative meeting room display when connected to a laptop, or shared wirelessly.

Clevertouch Commercial Display
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