As a resource of highly advanced, simple to use, AV products for a variety of applications, we at Peripheral Vision cater to a wide range of markets. From residential to commercial establishments including Houses of Worship, Educational Institutions, Control Rooms, Government, Retail and Hospitality you can be assured that your needs are covered. Have a look at the markets we provide services to below:


AV solutions for businesses has become a multidisciplinary approach and you need professionals who not only understand the AV environment but have a solid background in IT. Our collaborative AV solutions with premium brands as well as our large dealer network are able to offer you customised and integrated digital communication solutions:

- Easy to use
- Improve meeting productivity
- Increase profitability & ROI


Many government establishments require customised AV solutions that are dependable, can address both intra-departmental needs as well as communicating to the public at large. With the right collaboration of products that are easy to setup, use and maintain, our integrated solutions provide you with resources to:

- Easy to use
- Showcase your expertise in delivering policies, procedures, and requirements for mission-critical situations
- Offer official, formal and powerful audio visual experiences
- Manage delegates and discussion or voting session
- Display images at each seat or on large screens in the venue


Technology is fulfiling a key role in today’s classrooms. Schools, universities and colleges are starting to embrace multimedia AV solutions and interactive technologies to improve the academic achievement of their students. At Peripheral Vision, aiming to improve basic education across the country, we are able to provide a solution that is:

- Easy to use
- Durable
- Easy to install and simple to maintain
- Captivating experiences, which encourages better learning
- Lecture recordings, streaming and VOD


Embracing the power of technology within the home can optimise your living spaces to work better for you. Our integrated solutions of state-of-the-art home automation control systems takes your house to new levels of intelligence whilst maintaining a highly user-friendly experience. Our experience offers you:

- Valuable guidance, advice, and help in order to take control of your home
- Customised Solutions
- Enhanced sophistication of your lifestyle

Rental & Staging

Our professional and reliable rental and staging AV solutions with an integrative focus on seamless innovation, automation and control, helps you concentrate on creating the event by offering you the support and responsiveness you need in creating a hot spot for success, without worrying about the rest. Our complete service package includes:

- Product Selection (Lights)
- Live AV presentations
- Video projection
- Technical direction, installation and operation

Houses of Worship

Worship leaders are looking for interactive ways to enhance the experiences of followers and encompass a greater connection with the audience through high-end image processing and visualisation technology. Our solutions are tailored to worship facilities of all sizes and our products are reliable, functional and easy to both install and use.

Control Rooms

Control rooms serve as the nerve centre of many business operations, and in regards to having the right perspectives on image and data management, we understand the need for data gathering, distribution and monitoring of information that is up to date and on time. Our professionally integrated solutions can assure you that:

- The infrastructure is built with quality products
- There is a quick turnaround on installation timelines
- Our solutions are reliable, innovative and simple to use


Holiday goers who stay at hotels expect a 5 star modern experience when they leave home. A hotel room needs to welcome guests, especially corporate customers, with a user-friendly portal that integrates features of both a living and office environment. Our collaborative efforts focus on:

- Total integration of a full range of networked technology solutions
- Memorable experiences for guests
- Optimised communication channels between guests and staff
- Increasing productivity of your staff.


With technologically advanced AV equipment and products, retail outlets are offered opportunities to immerse their customers, in store, with targeted messaging that is impactful, dynamic, influential, and most importantly - holds their attention. We provide you the means in which you can focus on delivering customer-enticing multimedia content through:

- Comprehensive audio and visualisation solutions that maximise brand relevance and recall.
- An integrated mix of AV solutions like digital signage and interactive kiosks that drive revenues and increase brand awareness.