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We are happy to be representing Taylorleds as the exclusive distributor in South Africa, offering very cost-effective solutions for your LED Display requirements.

Taylorleds is focused on designing and manufacturing rental, retail and customised LED Display solutions. Their team consists of many industry veterans and their impressive project portfolio includes concert touring installations, as well as Nike, Adidas and Zara retail store displays and Time Square screens.

Wafer Series

WX Pro Series

A super thin, 16:9 LED panel with the most powerful graphics processing available as standard, eliminating the need for scalers or external video processing.

Taylorleds WN Pro Series
Taylorleds WX Pro Series

WN Pro Series

The perfect viewing experience with 16:9 aspect ratio, featuring Flip Chip COB Technology. Easily create any size screen with a cable-less design between panels and modules.

WS Pro Series

The versatile workhorse with advanced features only found in more expensive LED panels and creative combinations not found in many. The panel consists of one main panel and two small modular panels.

Taylorleds WS Pro Series
Taylorleds Wafer Breeze Series

Wafer Arc Series

A flexible, smooth curve LED system - custom designed and engineered for creativity. The panel can be designed for the needed curvature, including concave, convex, wave and cylinder.

Wafer Breeze Series

A lightweight aluminium panel with CN precision and the highest quality LED diodes and masks for super-high contrast and vivid colours. The Wafer Breeze Series allows three or more panels to be assembled into a cube and other creative 3D shapes.

Taylorleds Wafer Arc Series
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