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ClickShare Wireless Presentation

The best wireless presentation system for conference rooms. Effortless screen sharing for instant impact. No cables, no hassle

ClickShare Wireless Collaboration allows any meeting participant to share content on the central meeting room screen. At the click of a button, the content of your laptop, tablet or smartphone is displayed on the large screen. The result is that all participants are involved more intensely in the decision-making process.

Barco Wireless Presentation

ClickShare range for wireless presentation

Barco ClickShare



ClickShare wireless presentation solutions that work for you

Empowers you
  • Bring your own device / BYOD. Share content from your laptop, tablet or smartphone thanks to the free ClickShare Mobile App or screen mirroring with Airplay, Miracast or Google Cast.

  • Make meetings more interactive. Use a touchscreen to interact with content through blackboarding or annotation.

Barco ClickShare Wireless Collaboration
Barco ClickShare Wireless Collaboration
Built around you
  • Flexibility and ease of use. Share content and present with a single click on the Button or App.

  • Choose the setting: the large boardroom, an everyday meeting room or a huddle space. ClickShare creates the same engaging and immersive experience everywhere.

  • Native interoperability. Share content from any device, laptop, mobile or tablet.

Makes your life easy
  • Connect wirelessly in 7 seconds. Open your laptop and your meeting is up and running in a blink of an eye. 

  • Check a room’s availability. See if the room is available or not on the meeting display, the moment you enter.

Barco ClickShare Wireless Collaboration

ClickShare has you covered

Barco ClickShare Wireless Collaboration
  • No additional investments. Works perfectly with your existing meeting room system or conferencing software. 

  • No license cost and free firmware updates.

  • Provides the widest compatibility with USB conference cameras and speakers in the market.

  • Free Smartcare service package with 5 years of extended hardware coverage.

  • Free management tool and useful analytics in XMS Cloud.

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