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Barco selects Microsoft Device Ecosystem Platform for future ClickShare innovations

Barco, a global leader in meeting room technology, has announced that its future-generation ClickShare solutions will be developed using the Microsoft Device Ecosystem Platform. This operating system has built-in security as well as IT-friendly and enterprise-grade functionalities, allowing the Barco team to focus even more on ClickShare’s renowned simplicity and user experience.

Barco is taking a major leap in its mission to consistently innovate and deliver intuitive, equitable hybrid meeting solutions. To do so, Barco will leverage the Microsoft Device Ecosystem Platform for its next-generation ClickShare solutions.

This Android-based platform is designed to enable device manufacturers and software developers to deliver innovative solutions, backed by Microsoft's reputation for security, trust, and management. In close cooperation with partners and customers, ClickShare will further invest in its notable ease-of-use and outstanding user experience.

For more than 12 years, Barco has been leading the market in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) spaces. ClickShare Conference enables users to start video calls from their own laptop with their preferred video conferencing platforms, using the audio and video equipment of the meeting room. With more than 270,000 ClickShare Conference devices in the field, a strong partner ecosystem and a large customer base in Fortune 1000 companies, ClickShare has always been a pioneer in user-friendly collaboration technology.

“ClickShare remains focused on bringing a simple, premium experience to meeting spaces. We will continue to create innovative experiences, while leveraging Microsoft’s expertise in security, manageability, and AI capabilities," said Jan van Houtte, EVP Meeting Experience at Barco. "We are pleased to accelerate our defined partnership with Microsoft, expanding beyond ClickShare’s integration with Shared Spaces.”

“Microsoft and Barco share a common emphasis on designing solutions with enhanced privacy, accessibility, and manageability excellence,” said Juha Kuosmanen, Head of MDEP at Microsoft. “We are proud to welcome Barco, a leading player in the BYOD rooms, to the Microsoft Development Ecosystem Platform community. We are confident that its future developments will be a catalyst for their continuous success.”

As Barco embarks on this journey, it will continue to drive future innovations in close cooperation with the ClickShare community of existing customers and partners.

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