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Top Five Benefits of Conference Microphones: Elevating Your Meeting Experience with Televic

Updated: Jun 24

When it comes to enhancing meeting experiences, conference microphones offer a host of unique benefits that often go unnoticed. While they are sometimes labeled as "voting microphones" or associated solely with language interpretation needs, their true value lies in their fundamental role as discussion facilitators.


So, what exactly sets conference microphones apart? In their simplest form, they combine a microphone, an onboard loudspeaker, and an on/off button, connected in a daisy-chain or wireless configuration. They come in desktop or flush-mounted designs and can also include additional features such as voting, language interpretation, request-to-speak functionality, and even video capabilities that seamlessly integrate with popular platforms like Teams and Zoom.


Defining the top 5 benefits of this technology over standard solutions is challenge in itself but we’ve given it our best shot:

Dramatic improvement in audio quality:

There’s nothing magic happening here and any audio engineer would agree that simply improving the proximity of the microphone to the person speaking will always result in higher quality audio.

The audio broadcast from the onboard speakers is also a key to improved audio quality. While it is not designed to replace ceiling mounted speaker systems, it does provide a localised sound field that allows you to keep your overhead PA at a lower level, resulting in a greater gain before feedback and better microphone performance.

The end result? Improved clarity and intelligibility, allowing every participant can hear and be heard.

Easily interfaced to cloud-based meeting platforms for hybrid meetings:

Connecting conference microphones to your preferred meeting platform is as easy as plugging in a standard USB interface. It's a hassle-free "plug and play" experience that gets you up and running in seconds.

With all the microphones connected, you can now enjoy seamless audio transmission between remote sites and the onboard loudspeakers. No more barriers to effective communication, regardless of where your team members are located.

Incorporating video-enabled conference microphones will take your meetings to the next level. These innovative devices bring local participants into the spotlight, ensuring their presence is felt just as strongly as remote participants.

With integrated webcams, displays, microphones, and loudspeakers, these all-in-one solutions provide a professional and immersive meeting experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Better communication and system control:

Behind the scenes, a high-end conference microphone system efficiently collects valuable data that can be easily shared with external devices through a granular API.

This innovative feature allows for remote control of the conference system, managing external devices, and system reporting on essential information such as diagnostic data and battery life cycle.

Simplifying connectivity:

Gone are the days of complex and proprietary cabling systems. The latest conference microphone solutions utilise standard CAT5e or better cables (make sure they're shielded) for hassle-free connectivity.

With Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, the microphone units are powered through the same cables, eliminating the need for additional power sources.

Additionally, the use of inline powered network switches enables the management of thousands of microphone units in a single system.

Concerns about failure risks associated with daisy-chain cabling structures are also a thing of the past, as closed loop redundancy is now a standard feature, ensuring a robust and reliable connection.

Take your conference to new heights with these advanced features:

  • Experience hands-free auto-gain sharing, dynamic mix-minus, DSP control, speech recognition, an audio configuration matrix, and control modules compatible with your preferred AV control system. These cutting-edge features have expanded the possibilities and potential of conference systems, making them more versatile than ever before.

  • Camera control can be achieved via conference system cameras or third party camera systems. Either way, you’ve got a reliable camera solution that will deliver fail-proof video imagery of the person speaking, making sure you never miss the important moments in your meetings.

  • Seamlessly adapt your meeting spaces to meet changing needs. With a command from your AV control system, you can combine or separate a divisible room’s space, creating flexible configurations that accommodate social distancing requirements.

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